What is a Power Steering Service?

I’ve heard others talk about and even gotten a Power Steering Service recommendation for my car or truck from my service writer, but, what is that all about?

A power steering service is a fluid exchange service for your hydraulic power steering system. If your vehicle is equipped with electric power steering, then read no further. This service does not apply to vehicles equipped with electric power steering.

The Things You Need to Know About Power Steering Service

Many people, when presented with this maintenance service being due, throw this message to the wind and deny this vital fluid change. Why is it that customers are not interested in a power steering service?

History would indicate that most vehicle owners overlook the importance of this periodic maintenance item until something catastrophic happens to the steering system such as loss of power steering assist or some other mechanical failure.

Customers seem to decline most of the repairs that have no immediate effect, or better-stated decline repairs they can’t “feel” once the service is completed. A common concern is that they “spent money on this service with no immediate reward”. But interestingly, a power steering rack & pinion is one of the most changed components in an automobile today. That expense can run a customer, on average, between $300-$900 depending on the vehicle manufacturer. That number can double for import automobiles.

A regularly scheduled power steering fluid exchange can save a customer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time.

Fluid in your steering system gets pressurized by the pump and hydraulically moves the steering gear side to side. This fluid breaks down over time and loses many of its lubricating properties. Over time and as conditioners in the fluid degrade, the seals that are built into the steering gear tend to harden and then create leaks. The leaks cause a loss of high pressure. Problems always begin to occur once the fluid degrades. 

This Is What Tierra Del Sol Automotive Does to Perform a Power Steering Service

At Tierra Del Sol Automotive, we use BG Products and their specially formulated power steering system flush and fluid.

Suspend and remove accumulated residue and particles with a Tierra Del Sol Automotive Power Steering Service.

The cleaner is added to the system prior to servicing the fluid. This cleaner cleans by holding gunk and deposits in suspension. Next, the fluid is exchanged evacuating out the old fluid with suspended dirt and grime and replacing it with BG Power Clean.

BG Power Clean is a high-quality synthetic blend power steering fluid. It is a professional-use product that features ingredients not found in ordinary power steering fluids.

BG Power Clean is a specially formulated blend of anti-wear ingredients with seal conditioners to prevent damage to the spool valve housing and other components. It also contains antioxidants to prevent fluid breakdown.

BG Power Clean protects the power steering system from the effects of heat and wear, and extends fluid life.

Get Your Professional Power Steering Service Soon

Fluid contamination is the leading cause of premature wear in power steering systems.

Oxidation byproducts, hose material, and metallic debris all accumulate in power steering fluid. As this contaminated fluid is pumped through the power steering system under very high pressure, it causes abrasive wear in the pump and rack assembly. Pump noise, erratic steering, and eventual mechanical failure are typically the result of contaminated fluids and a worn pump and rack assembly – mostly preventable with regularly scheduled Steering Fluid Service.

If your smooth power steering is giving way to a ‘choppy’ feeling or is making grinding noises, it detracts from the ease of driving and can even impact driving safety. It’s likely the result of degraded fluid, accumulated residue, and particles from wear circulating within the power steering system.

The expense of a well-maintained vehicle always outweighs the expense of replacing parts, or worse yet, the need to replace your vehicle!

Our BG Power Steering Service replaces the old contaminated fluid with fresh fluid containing special conditioners designed to renew the entire power steering system with smooth and quiet operation. …and it’s backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®, at no extra charge. Ask about a Power Steering Service (or any of our other services) at Tierra Del Sol Automotive without delay!