What Everyone Needs to Know About Air Filter Service

Air flow and regularly scheduled air filter service appointments are essential to the overall health of your vehicle. When outside air enters your vehicle’s air intake system, it passes through the engine air filter, the mass air sensor and then into the engine.

Today’s vehicle computer systems control a large percentage of engine function. One such function is how much fuel gets delivered to the engine. Your vehicle’s computer system calculates the amount of fuel that’s needed and when to deliver it based on messages it receives from sensors throughout your vehicle. An important part of that calculation is the proper air and fuel mixture that the air flow sensor captures. The air and fuel mixture is based on the volume temperature and the density of the air. The mass air flow sensor measures the temperature and density elements and reports back to the computer.

How Air Filter Service Keeps Your Vehicle Running Optimally

When your air filter is dirty, dust and other contaminants get through the filter and end up on the mass air flow sensor. The result is that the sensor can become contaminated, thus affecting its measurements. Remember, your vehicle’s computer is sending out instructions based on readings from the mass air flow sensor. The instructions received can directly effect your vehicle performance. It can affect your vehicle’s catalytic converter, exhaust emissions, trigger a check engine light, or even prevent your engine from running.

With regular air filter service, the messages the computer receives from your mass air flow sensor make adjustments to keep your engine performing efficiently.

Why Air Filter Service is Important

Should your mass air flow sensor become contaminated, it may be possible to clean it during an air induction cleaning service. If the sensor has been damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Air filter service appointments to replace the engine air filter regularly is the first line of defense against some pretty expensive repairs.

Air Filters for Air Filter Service

Another air filter issue has to do with the quality of the air filter itself. Filter material from low-lying filters can actually break loose and contaminate the mass air flow sensor.

As a NAPA Auto Care Center, and to help ensure and protect your vehicle from poor air flow effects, Tierra Del Sol Automotive always uses high-quality replacement filters when performing an air filter service on your vehicle.