Is Your Vehicle Suspension and Steering Safety At Risk?

When was the last time you had the suspension and steering components inspected on your vehicle?

Suspension and steering components are vital vehicle components that should be inspected routinely to ensure that your vehicle remains in a safe operating condition. 

How many times have we seen a vehicle off the side of the road with a wheel that is all cock-eyed or appears out of alignment? This is usually caused by a failed ball joint or a separated steering tie-rod end. 

This can become a very dangerous situation while driving. A failed ball joint or a separated steering tie-rod end will most likely cause a loss of control of steering and could result in a far worse outcome. 

Tierra Del Sol Automotive can perform a free inspection of your steering components. We perform a multi-point inspection of all your steering and suspension components and advise you of any immediate concerns of safety. 

Let’s discuss suspension and steering components a bit more in-depth to increase your understanding of how it works.

30 Second Ball Joints Tutorial

Ball joints are exactly that, a ball that sits in a cup and allows the steering arms to move left and right. These components require grease to function properly. In most cases, ball joints are lubed at each oil change service or as requested by the customer. 

Over time, grease degrades. If the ball joints are not well maintained and inspected regularly, metal-to-metal wear will eventually result in excessive movement of the joint. When these joints become too loose, the ball can be jostled out of the cup by simply driving and the vehicle reacting to bumps in the road. This results in an immediate loss of control and as you imagine, can be quite deadly. 

A simple inspection can identify any problems your vehicle may have with suspension and steering components. Component replacement, in most cases, can occur during the same visit. 

Other Fast and Easy Suspension and Steering Inspections

In addition to the ball joints, suspension and steering inspections performed at Tierra Del Sol Auto, we also include inspection of control arm bushings, inner and outer tie-rod ends, shock absorbers, struts, shock absorbers and all steering linkages. Repairing or replacing all these components, returns your steering geometry to the original factory settings. A steering alignment is conducted to verify no other problems exist in these and other components.  

In addition to the front end steering alignment, Tierra Del Sol Auto technicians can perform an all-wheel alignment. Wheel alignments are conducted at your request or if we see a problem in the rear wheel alignment (while performing a front end alignment). Any concerns that require attention in the rear of your vehicle are promptly brought to your attention. 

That being said, did you know every time you replace your tires, an all-wheel alignment should be performed to ensure proper wear of your new tires? 

Have you ever accidentally bumped a curb when turning onto another street or hit a random pothole in the road? Believe it or not, those bumps can affect the geometry of your alignment. Some people choose to write those “little” bumps and scuffs off believing there is no damage or need for concern with the alignment only to find out miles later their expensive new tires wore incorrectly and need replaced again! Or worse yet, your car is now pulling in one direction or another. 

Call or stop by Tierra Del Sol Automotive and ask us to inspect your vehicle for any concerns. We will gladly inspect your vehicle for problems and advise of any repairs. 

We believe in keeping your car in top operating condition to last you years of driving enjoyment.