Have Your Brake Fluid Flush Done Right!

Brakes are a vital function of every vehicle, and caring for them takes more than just listening for the squeal of worn-out brake pads.

In just 30,000 miles, brakes can lose responsiveness and feel spongy. That’s why most vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid be exchanged every two years. Without proper care, corrosion of internal brake parts can lead to brake failure.

Tierra Del Sol Automotive offers the “BG Brake Service”. The BG Brake Service removes contaminants from the brake system and replaces old brake fluid with fresh fluid.

The result is an immediate restoration of brake responsiveness and corrosion protection, which means safer driving for you… and it’s backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® at no extra charge. Call and ask us about our Brake Service today (575) 443 – 1880.